Silver Sponsor:
Qianhai International Liaison Services Ltd.

Established in August 2014, Qianhai International Liaison Services Ltd. is a window company of the Shenzhen Qianhai Authority servicing Hong Kong. We shoulder the responsibilities "to foster industrial collaboration, talent exchange, legal cooperation and co-development proposal, and to serve Hong Kong citizens and enterprises" and make “Support Hong Kong, Service mainland, Face the world” as its mission, not only providing consulting services to Qianhai registration for Hong Kong and overseas enterprises, but also responsible for Qianhai branding in Hong Kong, as well as assisting various Hong Kong organisations or associations to visit Qianhai.

Community Partner:
Belt & Road Global Development Alliance

The Belt & Road Global Development Alliance (BARGDA) has the primary objective of facilitating enterprises, especially small and medium size companies, and professionals in Hong Kong to capitalize on the vast opportunities created by the national strategy “Belt & Road Initiative”. Being a multi-national platform, BARGDA plans to integrate organizations having fair and independent views, professionalism and capabilities to serve the community in Hong Kong in the process of global development in all facets with China Mainland and the ‘Belt & Road’ countries.

BARGDA is structured to build a friendly, interactive and sustainable platform integrating with business associations, industrial enterprises, professional bodies, community leaders and the academia in the “Belt & Road” countries. In Phase One, the Alliance will utilize Dashun Foundation’s strong and established network of human resources and focus on the opportunities arising from the “21st Century Maritime Silk Road” cities and provinces, ASEAN and South Asian countries. The Alliance will play an effective role in the coordination with Alliance Organisations and Associates on projects related to infrastructure, finance, energy, culture, education, innovation and technology, economic development, arts and creativity. We believe that the Alliance will create new spheres for cooperation, friendship and trust at different levels along the route of Maritime Silk Road countries.

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